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Sunday, October 26, 2008


We made it available yesterday and after 2 hours, it has already reached its maximum downloads which was preset to 150. We are greatly disturbed by this, as we have received complaints from people who have no copy of d material yet. Sobra sobra pa ung 150 na alloted downloads sa umattend ng last day so how come na madami hindi nakakuha?

In any case, we will repost it on October 31 after me receive d complete IP list of d people who downloaded it from d server.

Please naman, igalang natin ang rules.


abegail said...

good day..ask ko lang kng san po sa sidebar nakalagay ung downloadable materials for LACO kc oct.25-now d ko makita kya kakashock ung post e..tanx..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

good evening to all the staff..thank you for the materials ms.mandal. you are a big help to me magaling kapa kay ms. jo and sir jerome..anyweiz baka sabihin mo sipsip ako. pag pasenxahan mona po mga attitude ng mga full blood laconian medyo bastos tlga at masalbahe..
--paulinian turned laconian =(

Anonymous said...

huhu..naubusan ako ng 5 na links i only got research,funda,bioethics,leadership oncology,set 2 exam,. sadness--jm

Anonymous said...

lungkot wala ko na download psyche tips from ms.mandal,,huhu tampo ba xa?? ---pucca

Anonymous said...

thanks po ms.mandal. ang bilis naman magdownload, 5 links lang nakuha ko. haha. anyway sorry ms.mandal for the bad comment posted by one of our batchmates. guys, respeto naman, name ng school naten sinisira niyo, kasalanan ng isa, kasalanan ng buong school. tsk. chill :)

diannemaydee said...

ur welcome.... dun sa ga hindi na makadownload, ask your skulmates tos end it to you na lang, nagtataka talaga me eh, kc 200 downloads na ung preset q, nauubos pa dn..hay..nakakaimbyerna may mga epal at antisocial talaga

diannemaydee said...

nwei pwede naman nila isend sa friends after downloading it, pinagkakalat pa dn ang password..


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