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Thursday, March 20, 2008

StuffedNurse : diannemaydee's EXCLUSIVE REVIEW MATERIALS

for my students,
available for download are:


These are in PDF format guys, just msg me at my fone, YM or email to get d url and password.
pls no msgs at my FS, i dont read those na in there.

happy lenten break to all!


Vincent Bautista said...

Hi Ma'am! you're a Clinical Instructor pala ma'am? I have plans of being one someday. Anyway, wish you all the best and continue to inspire young student nurses ma'am!

Anonymous said...

maam, pwede po ba ako mkadownload din ng exclusive review materials mo?....i think it will help me alot..tnx

diannemaydee said...


i am not a clinical instructor, i am a nurse reviewer.
that is also d reason why i safeguard d exclusivity of my materials.


if student kita u already knw d answer sa tanong mo

Anonymous said...

mam dianne,

nadownload q na po.
share q na lang to my classmates.
kelan ka balik la consolacion mam?
we miss u na kc weh.
thank you po!
d best talaga!

abe said...

good day.maam mag ask lang po ako ng copy ng mga exclusive materials nyo..thanks.

Anonymous said...

pwede po makahingi ng review ng material nyo po.. june and december 2007 exam. tnx po maam.. god bless..

diannemaydee said...

to abe,

i emailed you already

to anonymous,

sana nagpapakilala ka db.

to all d others na texting and messaging me,

sana maayos kau magsalita..ayoko ng words na asap, ngaun na and mga walang modo na nagmemsg ng : ui, penge ako reviewer. Buti sana kung close tau db.
And pls magpakilala naman kau.
its my prerogative pa dn kung sino bibigyan q ng materials q so matutong rumespeto ng ibang tao ok.
We are all professionals and adults, act ur age.

glenda said...

hello. Mam, I'm glenda from davao. I already sent you a message before thru friendster asking for tips for NLE, hope you remember. I already took it but unfortunately i didn't make it. For now i'm having a self review coz i can't afford anymore to have a formal review. I'm reading the review materials that you posted in your site.
Mam, can i humbly ask a copy/download of your exclusive review materials pls. I know it can help me a lot. I know you have a kind heart and open mind to help. Thanks a lot and God bless. you.

diannemaydee said...


join d club na lang para always updated ka. THANX

glenda said...

Hello mam. I already sent the information you needed inorder for me to be a member in your club. When po ba mag start ang exclusive club mam? I'm eager to read the review materials that you'll share. Thanks a lot and God bless.

diannemaydee said...

inaayos pa lang xa for now, super busy lang talaga


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