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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Running from SEPTEMBER 28-30,2007 the event boasts of a wealth of info on local nursing and going abroad.
Details are posted at

Quote from
-Really informative, lots of free info and a great way and place to socialize with other nurses!

Kakapagod lang..
But i commend all the attendants and those manning the various booths in there, they were so pacencioso and pacenciosa!

Plus : sale ang megamall!-

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In effectivity since September 3, 2007.

Many thanks and congratulations to for putting up and starting this site and for being one of the TOP 20 in the June 2007 NLE.
Hooray for her!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

StuffedNurse : NURSING 101

After You've Graduated:

I. Secure your requirements for the Local - RN exam

NLE Guide:


- Birth certificate(xerox & original),
- Transcript Of Records (xerox & original)
- PRC Form
- Cedula
- 4 passport size pictures
- PRC mailing envelope
- Paste- Ballpen
- #2 mongol pencil
- liquid paper
- Payment


school code - ,course - 4018, board code - 2600, ex - 1,nx - 1, def - 00


STEP 1. Secure Action Sheet from the PRC Customer Service Center (CSC) and accomplish the same.
STEP 2. Submit the Action Sheet for processing and evaluation at any of the Processing Windows together with the following:

* Original and photo/xerox copies of Transcript of Records with Special Order and Date of Graduation (Graduates of government schools and institutions/programs accredited by recognized accredited agencies under the FAAP are exempted from SO [B]). Graduates of New Schools/degree Programs must submit School Recognition and/or Permit to operate.

* Original and photo/xerox copy of NSO-issued Birth Certificate (in NSO security paper; if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from the Local Civil Registrar)

* Original and photo/xerox copies of Marriage Contract in NSO security paper (for married female only;if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar).

* Four (4) passport size colored pictures in white background with complete name tag.

* Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

* Other specific requirements as required by the Commission and/or Professional Regulatory Board.

NOTE: Secure the following from the processor upon approval of your application:

* Computerized Application form (CAF)* Permanent Examination and Registration Record card (PERRC) (for first-timers)* Notice of Admission (NOA)

STEP 3. Pay examination fee at any of the Cashier Windows. Get Official Receipt.

STEP 4. Pay for metered documentary stamps and mailing envelope with metered documentary stamps at the CSC.

STEP 5. Accomplish the CAF, PERRC, and NOA. Indicate the Official Receipt number, date, and amount on the CAF.

STEP 6. Proceed to any of the Issuance Windows (Window 9, 10, 11, 12) for final review of qualifications and documents and issuance of NOA, Applicant's Stub, Program of Examination, Examinee's Guide and Self-Instruction Sheet.

STEP 7. Keep the Notice of Admission, Official Receipt, and the Applicant's Stub. Bring these with you on the first day of the examination. For further information, read the General Instructions at the back page of the Notice of Admission, Program of Examination, Examinee's guide and Self-Instruction Sheet.

STEP 8. Bring your NOA when you verify with the PRC your school and building assignment which will be posted at the PRC premises two (2) three(3) working days before the examination date.

NOTE: Or you can choose to take NCLEX-RN directly, its your choice.

II. Choose your own review center
if you wish to, there's a bunch of review centers around.either way do your own self - study.

III. If you passed the NLE, Proceed to taking the NCLEX - RN or IELTS

again you can choose to enroll in a review center or do your own self - study

NCLEX-RN General Guide:

1. Choose a state where you wish to apply, you can check it here @

2. Download the application form in PDF Format & read the requirements of the BON your applying to.

*If you are to choose a state where it would take you more than 3 months to receive your Eligibility, such as California and New York you might consider reviewing and taking IELTS first, (IELTS Certificate is valid for 2 years so you really don't have to worry about the expiration thingy) after passing your NCLEX application form. It would save time and you don't have to worry about being idle.

*Note about California & New York (and other states / BON that would take more than 3 months to receive your eligibility):

*It is better to start reviewing after you've received your Eligibility. So that the things that you've learned will still be fresh on your mind. Than reviewing early and be idle while waiting for your eligibility.

*Note about New Mexico & Vermont (and other states that would take around 1-2 months to receive your eligibility):Start reviewing early after you've sent your exam application. usually it would take a month to receive your eligibility, when you applied on the states stated above.

3. Have your credit card ready register & pay $200.00 at pearson vue online
*Note:Upon registering with pearson vue you'll need to choose where you would like to take your exam.Online registration is faster than mail registration.Include and email address when registering with pearson vue

4. You will recieve a receipt, confirmation and your ATT in your email after you register at pearson and pay the $200.00.

5. Schedule your test.

*Note On Hongkong Pearson Testing Center:There are many test takers in HK, so considerably the exam dates are easilly filled up. So you need to register with pearson vue HK right after you've recieved your Eligibility Letter and call HK pearson 2 - 3 months before your target exam date.

This is the number you need to call when you need to schedule your exam: 18668959016

An Additional $150.00 will be charged upon scheduling your exam.

*Note on US Territory Pearson Exam Testing Centers:An Additional $150.00 will not be charged.
You can schedule your exam date online, just log - in @ pearson vue online with the Username and password you registered.

6. After a week, upon registering with Pearson Vue you will recieve your ATT (Authority to test) thru mail. But if you did'nt recieved your ATT thru mail, you can print the ATT copy sent to your e-mail address. It is valid.

-NCLEX - RN Specific Guides-

California :

1) Go to
2) Click Licensing & Examination from the menu on the left
3) Click Licensure by Examination as a first-time candidate
4) Click Application for Licensure by Examination
5) Read then download the following forms:

a) Application for licensure by examination - this is the application form. fill this up then attach a 2x2 passport type pictureb ) Request for transcript - fill up then submit this form to your school registrarc) Breakdown of Educational Program- fill up then submit this form to your school registrar

6) Obtain a fingerprint card then go to NBI for the fingerprint process.- if you dont have a fingerprint card, you can request at this link

How to fill up your card:

- height - express in feet and inches. example: 5' 6"
- weight - express in pounds (lbs) example: 129 lbs
- color of eyes
- use this as your reference:
Black-BLK / Gray - GRYBlue - BLU / Green - GRNBrown - BRN / Hazel - HZL
- color of hair
- use this as your reference:
Bald - BAL / Gray - GRYBlack - BLK / Red/ Auburn - REDBlonde - BLN / Sandy - SDYBrown - BRN / White - WH
- race - for Filipinos you can write ASIAN or ASN

7) Prepare the appropriate fee by bankdraft check or money order ($107) made payable to the Board of Registered Nursing.

8) Mail your application form together with the fingerprint card and bankdraft check to this address:

Mailing Address:
Board of Registered NursingP.O. Box 944210Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

Street Address:
(for Fedex or other delivery services)Board of Registered Nursing1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N-217Sacramento, CA 95834-1924

9) It is recommended that your transcript of records and breakdown of international program should be forwarded directly from your nursing school to the BON.Other schools let you mail the TOR and breakdown so just make sure you receive it in a sealed envelope and mail to your local post office.
Remember: Don't mail your application together with your TOR and Breakdown or else the BON might return it to you

10) For those w/ licenses here in the Philippines, include also a photocopy of your certification of passing or photocopy of your license and a photocopy of your diploma.

11) For those w/o licenses here in the Philippines, write an explanation stating why u don’t have a license. Also include a photocopy of your diploma in case it will be needed.
12) Confirmation card may be included but it is only optional. Confirmation card lets you know if the BON has received your application.

13) Wait for your Eligibility packet to be mailed to you. Eligibility simply means that the BON have found you eligible to take the NCLEX.

- Eligibility may arrive as early as 1 month and may take as long as 6 months.
14) After you receive your eligibility, you may now register at Pearson vue for your exam schedule.

15) To register, go to

- Please prepare your credit card for the $200 registration fee

16) Then click create a web account and register

17) Fill up all the necessary information including your testing area and pay $200 for the registration fee.- Please take note that in this process, choosing your date of exam is not yet included.

18) After registering, your acknowledgement and Authorization to test (ATT) will be sent via your email.

19) Once you receive your ATT, you can now choose your date of exam.

20) Go to then click schedule or reschedule an NCLEX examination

21) Log in then choose your date of exam

22) After you have chosen your date of exam, you need to call pearson to confirm your exam date.

- Please Note: If you choose to schedule your NCLEX at a testing center outside of the USA, you will have to pay an international scheduling fee of $150 plus Value Added Tax (VAT) when applicable.
23) After scheduling your date of exam, a confirmation message of your date of exam will be sent to your email.

Hong Kong Travel

1. airline
Make sure to book early because you will save a lot of money if you
book like 3 months earlier than your EXAM. If there's a sale, well that is much
better. Plus, if you have an exam schedule already, you have to make sure you
have a plane ticket on that date. You don't want to miss your own exam
airline ticket doesn't include all the taxes that you have to pay. So prepare:around
P1,620b. P750 - airport

2. hotel
You can make your hotel reservations online.
You ca use and there are many other
websites for hotel reservations so you guys can search for more. But I am
satisfied with their service. I think from all the online hotel reservations,
they offered me the lowest possible RATE. The hotel rates are:

a. inclusive
of all taxes.
charge is per room and not per person.
Make sure you check all
the details under the hotels you pick. Check out the customer's opinion and
You will pay online with your credit card, you can change your
booking for free, if you change it like 3 weeks before your arrival. They will
charge the amount in your credit card, 10 to 15 days before your arrival so you
are fully paid before you make your trip. PLUS THERE are no extra charges when
you are there already.

use THE MTR ALL THE TIME. YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE a hotel near the testing


TRAVELER'S GUIDE: When you land in Hongkong already


Once you land, don't be alarmed when the sign post directs you to a TRAIN
TERMINAL . Hongkong airport is so big, they need
trains to transfer their
passengers. Of course look for the ARRIVAL SIGN.

Once you are done with the immigration and you all have your baggages with you, go straight to the INFORMATION. The beautiful lady there can speak english. You can ask the lady on how to go to your hotel, the cheapest mode of transporation and
other modes of transporation you can use to go there. GET YOUR MAPS HERE. MAKE

Cheapest way to go to your hotel would be the CITYBUS. The
information lady will give you a map and put some markers on the bus stops that
you can use near your hotel. IT WILL ONLY COST 33 HONGKONG DOLLARS. And do not
worry the bus terminal is just outside the AIRPORT. When you leave the
information table, turn left and then turn right (yung pababa na daan dun) THEN
TURN RIGHT AGAIN. YOU WILL SEE THE BUS TERMINAL. Pay 33 dollars and go to your
THE BUS STOPS. There's a screen near the driver that shows the destination or
bus stop number.



there's a foreign exhange near the INFORMATION TABLE. The rate is so low at the
airport, so make sure you only change some of your money just for your
transportation to your hotel. AROUND 50 TO 100 DOLLARS WILL DO. There are so
many foreign exchange shops in hongkong, you won't have a hard time finding one
so exchange the rest of your money there.HIGHEST RATE - 7.7 US DOLLAR TO HK

4. HOTEL -
Once you are in the hotel, if you use,
they will still ask for your credit card but only for incidental CHUVA CHUVA
haha. Meaning, its just a precaution if you damage anything inside the hotel.

5.FOOD -
a. try CAFE DE CORAL - its inside the GRAND MILLENIUM PLAZA. I
ordered Baked pork, it was delicious and the serving was really big. YOU CAN TRY
b. MCDONALDS - 18 to 25 HK dollars
c. If you want to save some money, buy your
water from 7/11 or something like that, they have so many stores like that in
hongkong. You can also buy BREAD, maraming BAKERY DUN.
6. MTR -
this is the mode of transportation in hongkong. it can access any place you want to go, like
a. press the button where you are
located at the moment. press the button to the station you want to go.
It will cost you around 4 TO 11 HK DOLLARS.
7. CLOTHES and shoes -
IF ITS WINTER, WEAR SNEAKERS AND RUBBER SHOES.. you will walk all day trust me..

If you are coming from the KOWLOON SIDE, you have to change
TRAINS TO GO TO the GRAND MILLENIUM. YOU CAN Change your train either sa ADMIRAL
plaza is just across.
from kowloon SIDE TO GRAND MILLENIUM - will only take
The bus terminal to ocean park is located - ADMIRAL
STATIONyou can buy your ticket there also. 200 HK DOLLARS
YOU CAN GO THERE using THE MTR. COST - 250 HK - WEEKENDS180 hk - WEEKDAYS- YOU can bring
food, but don't bring A PICNIC BASKET HAHA.
Prices of food inside - 25 to 50
HK dollars
not exact prices, just to give you an idea.
I think Cebu
pacific is in TERMINAL 3 but I am not sure anymore. YOU CAN SEE THAT BEFORE YOU
ENTER THE AIRPORT SO BE ALERT. taxi is around 250 HK.
TRAVEL WELL, before you even go to HONGKONG, it will save you
....sent to me via email by anonymous

IELTS Guide:

1. Secure the requirements needed:

- Passport or PRC License- IELTS Application Form Download Here:
- Payment: PHP 8,640

2. Submit your application personally at:

IDP Education - PhilippinesSecond Floor, Pioneer House Makati, 108 Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village, Makati City.
IV. If you passed both the NCLEX-RN & IELTS exam, apply your Visa Screen Certificate.

VISA Screen Application Guide:

1. Download the Visa Screen application form.
Visa Screen Handbook Link:

2. Create an online account at the CGFNS Website with your own username and password Here:

3. Log - In & Place your order. and select Visa Screen (You will be guided at the website when placing your order)

4. Fill - up and Secure the following forms:

A. 2006 Application Form for Visa Screen Certificate + Photo Identification Card + 3 Pictures (Passport Size)

- You can choose your own courier service, to send these forms / documents.

B. Request for Validation of Registration / License For Visa Screen + Copy of your PRC License

- The 1st Copy is to be processed by the licensing body of the Philippines (PRC)Just coordinate with them and have your license verification sent by the PRC to the CGFNS Visa Screen Dept.
They will be the one to send these forms / documents through a courier service.

C. Request for Validation of Registration / License For Visa Screen + Letter of request + $__.00 bank draft*If you are with the California BON the Validation of Registration Fee is $70.00

- The 2nd Copy is to be processed by the licensing body of the US Board of Nursing where you applied and passed your NCLEX-RN

- Send your Request for Validation of Registration / License For Visa Screen + Letter of request + $__.00 bank draft using a courier service.

- Then they will be the one to send the Validation forms / documents to CGFNS Visa Screen Dept. through a courier service.

D. Request for Academic Records For Visa Screen + Transcript Of Records (Your BSN TOR Only, do not include your 1st course) + Certified True Copy Of your Diploma (BSN Diploma only) + RLE Record (Supplied by your school registrar).

- Again they will be the one to send this Form through a courier service but you can choose your own courier service to send it yourself, providing that the school envelope containing the necessary documents is dry sealed and signed by your school registrar, and the courier service is within the range of your school.

5. Check your application status online from time to time, using your online account.

6. Wait for your CGFNS ID Number to be issued.

- This is usually provided after CGFNS VisaScreen recieved one of your documents / application.- It will be sent thru e - mail, snail mail and you will be notified thru your CGFNS Online Account.

7. Download IELTS Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs.

- Link: Fax or Bring it to IDP Philippines / British Council.- There is no required fee for this request, provided that you include it in their bulk mailing every 15th and 30th of the month.

8. Pay your CGFNS Visa Screen using a credit card, online or thru snail mail (use the credit card payment form included in the Visa Screen Handbook)

- Early payment means early / fast processing of your Visa Screen Application.

9. After Visa Screen received all your requirements, it would take 2-4 months to receive your Visa Screen Certificate.

V. After you've obtained all the following requirements, find an employer or an agency over the internet or other Ads, Who provides Visa Sponsorship.

VI. Obtain an Immigrant Visa (Green Card) + Your US License.

Visa and immigration Faq:
There are 3 types of immigrant visa categories:

* Family based immigration

* Employment based immigration

* Diversity Visa - LotteryPeople born in India are not eligible to participate in green card lottery as already so many Indians apply for visa in other categories.

It is categorized according to the applicants bracket. For more information about immigration and being a permanent resident in the US, visit:

Immigration guide for Nurses intending to work in the US, with no immigrant status yet.
Nurses are under I-140, ETA 9089 (Employer Based petition), under Schedule A .

What is I-140 (Employer Based Petition)?

To petition for an applicant worker to become a permanent resident in the United States. This is filed on behalf of an applicant by the employer, and not by the applicant.

What are the types of processing for I-140 (Employer Based Petition)?

1. Consular Processing

In consular processing, the interview for an immigrant visa takes place at a U.S. embassy or consulate located (with some exceptions) in the foreign person's own country of nationality.
Processing Timeline: About 8 months, maximum of 1 1/2 year

2. Adjustment Of Status

Adjustment of status ("AOS") is a procedure that allows an eligible applicant to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States without having to wait in your own country of nationality and apply for an immigrant visa.

Processing Timeline: About 5 - 8 months, maximum of 1 year

How Visa Retrogression Affects Your Petition
From: Asian Journal

Q: I'M a U.S. citizen, and I filed a petition for my married son in the Philippines in 1992. I just noticed that the latest priority date jumped back by five years! How is this possible, and can I do anything about it?
A: The demand for visas sometimes becomes so great that the Department of State has to move the current priority date backwards. This is known as retrogression. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that can be done to speed things up, as the visa system is based on a first-come, first-served system.

The Department of State's April 2007 Visa Bulletin has one of the largest retrogressions for Filipinos in recent memory. The third preference category, which includes married sons and daughters over 21 of American citizens, had its current priority date moved back from September of 1990 to January of 1985. The Bulletin states that the retrogression is necessary in order to keep the yearly visa issuance level within the annual quota. In addition, the Bulletin states that further retrogression "cannot be ruled out" in the coming months.
Why does this happen?
The basic idea behind the visa preference system is that there are a limited number of family-based green cards available each year. That number, which is set by law to be a minimum of 226,000, is further divided into preference categories. The categories are defined by the relationship between the petitioner (the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident) and the beneficiary (the foreign national). For example, as mentioned above, the third preference category is for married adult children of U.S. citizens. In this category, only 23,400 visas are available each year. To make matters worse, no country can receive more than 7% of the total quota. This limits the visas available to people born in high-demand countries like the Philippines, China, India, and Mexico even further.
If there are more visa applications than available visas in any year for a specific preference category, that category is declared to be oversubscribed. A cutoff priority date is then assigned. Approved petitions filed before that cutoff date may proceed with final processing of the green card. That means that, starting on April 1, only third preference petitions filed before January 1, 1985 will be processed. Petitions filed after that date must wait until the cutoff date moves forward. Unfortunately, it appears that forward movement in this category is unlikely in the near future. There are so many U.S. citizens filing petitions for married children born in the Philippines that the quota backlog is growing longer and longer
What happens if the cutoff priority date retrogresses while your green card is being processed?
That depends on whether your relative is adjusting his or her status in the United States or is applying for a permanent resident visa at the Manila consulate. At the consulate, the visa number is assigned before the interview is scheduled, so there is a good chance that the green card will be issued even if the cutoff date retrogresses. In the United States, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will not assign a visa number until a case is ready to be approved. This means that retrogression will further delay a case, and the green card won't be issued until the beneficiary's priority date is earlier than the cutoff date again.

Backlog relief might be possible in the near future. Congress is currently considering an immigration reform bill that includes increases to the yearly quotas. If the bill becomes a law, the annual worldwide family-based quota will more than double to a minimum of 480,000 visas per year, and the per-country limit will increase from 7% to 10%. This will significantly shorten the wait to bring in a relative from the Philippines in all preference categories.

In addition, there may be other ways for your relatives to immigrate, such as a green card through employment. Consult an experienced immigration attorney to learn about other visa options.

What Is Retrogression?

Retrogression refers to the resulting delay in obtaining an immigrant visa when there are more people applying for immigrant visas in a given year than the total number of visas available.

Congress imposed an annual limit to the number of immigrant visas (“green cards”) the USCIS can issue each fiscal year. The total number of immigrant visas available each year is distributed amongst all applicants according to the category of eligibility (such as various family based or employment based categories) and the applicant’s country of birth. This ensures an equitable distribution of the limited number of immigrant visas available each year. When the number of applicants from a particular country is greater than the number of visas available in a particular category, retrogression occurs and a “queue” is established.

What Is The Latest On Retrogression For Registered Nurses And Physical Therapists I-140 Petitions?
Immigrant Visas are still currently unavailable for Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists. Hammond Law Group is actively involved in the lobbying effort to obtain a legislative solution. Several bills have been proposed in Congress that would either provide either additional visas for nurses and physical therapists or exempt them from the quota entirely. We will make an immediate announcement when this legislation is passed, but until that time, updates can be found on the Retrogression Advocacy Blog of the Hammond Law Group, LLC website at:

Will It Really Take Four Or Five Years For Me To Get The Green Card?

Hammond Law Group, LLC firmly believes that there will be a legislative resolution to the problem of retrogression for Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists in the very near future. Therefore, we believe that these visas will be available again soon. When the same situation occurred a few years ago, additional visas were made available within six months. Presently, visas have been unavailable for only a few months.
As noted above, legislation has already been proposed in Congress that would either provide additional immigrant visas or exempt Schedule A occupations from the quota entirely. Finally, as a reminder, Schedule
A occupations are those designated as national shortage occupations by the United States Department of
Labor. Therefore, there is strong motivation for this type of legislation to be passed.

If I Am A Physical Therapist, Should I File For The “Green Card” Or For The H-1B?

That decision will depend upon a number of factors. First, it is important to note that because “Physical Therapist” requires at least a Bachelor’s degree, the position is eligible for H-1B status. However, there is also an annual quota for H-1Bs. There are currently only 65,000 H-1Bs available each fiscal year. An H-1B petition can be filed up to six months in advance, therefore, H-1B petitions for the next fiscal year (October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008) will be accepted beginning April 1, 2007. Regardless of when that petition is approved, the Physical Therapist cannot enter the United States for employment until the first day of the new fiscal year - October 1, 2007.

The green card case involves three steps: obtaining an approved I-140 from the USCIS; National Visa Center “NVC” processing; and the immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Consulate. If the employer starts the green card process now, the I-140 can be approved and the approved case will be sent to the NVC. This process may take a few weeks or up to six months (depending upon which service center handles the case and whether premium processing is used). However, when the approved case is forwarded to the NVC, the case will be placed on hold. The National Visa Center is not currently “pre-processing” Schedule A cases (they are not issuing Fee Bills or collecting the required documents generally referred to as “Packet III). Processing will not resume until visas are available. Therefore, it is uncertain when the Physical Therapist will be able to enter the United States based upon a green card case. This will depend on when retrogression is resolved and how long it then takes to obtain an interview.

While there are other issues to be considered (for example, a spouse only obtains employment authorization in the green card process) generally the decision is based upon which process will allow the Physical Therapist to enter the United States sooner. At this point we know that the Physical Therapist will not be able to enter in H-1B status until October 1, 2007. If an individual has not yet filed the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Form I-140) it is very likely that the H-1B process will be faster. Note, however, that this depends on when retrogression is resolved and how long it takes the Consulates to schedule interviews for all of those waiting during retrogression. If retrogression is resolved quickly and the employer uses premium processing for the I-140 it is at least theoretically possible (although unlikely) that the green card could be as fast or faster than the H-1B process. This decision changes when the H-1B cap is reached.

What Do I Need To File For H-1B Status?

To file for H-1B status, the Physical Therapist will need an offer of employment in the United States and will need a Physical Therapist license in the State of intended employment at the time of filing. A Healthcare Worker Certificate will be required at time of the H-1B nonimmigrant visa interview. This is an important distinction between the ‘green card’ process and the H-1B process. For the ‘green card’ process the Physical Therapist needs only a letter from the state of intended employment indicating that he or she is eligible to sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE). The actual U.S. PT license is needed for H-1B status. If the Physical Therapist does not have the required license then H-1B status is not available. Some individuals are unable to obtain visitor visas to the United States to take the NPTE. Those individuals may need to file for the green card rather than H-1B status.

How Will I Know If My Case Will Be Approved Before The H-1B Quota Is Reached?

For purposes of the H-1B quota, it is the date of filing that is important not the date of approval. The USCIS will announce when they have received enough petitions to reach the quota and therefore no more petitions will be accepted. Last year, this announcement came in late May and once the announcement is made, the USCIS will not accept any further petitions. When the USCIS confirms that have received enough petitions to reach the quota, they will announce that petitions filed by that date will be included within the quota. We expect that the quota may be reached even earlier this year and are recommending that all H-1B petitions be ready to file on April 1, 2007.

What If I Do Not Have My License By April 1, 2007?

There are some exceptions, for example H-1B status may be granted for a one year period if the applicant is issued a temporary license. Additionally, if you have met all requirements and are waiting for license issuance or you are licensed in another state and seeking endorsement, it may be advisable to file the H-1B petition on April 1, 2007 in light of the quota. Each case will need to be reviewed individually. We recommend that you discuss this issue with your attorney.

Faq & Guide to Consular Processing
(About 8 months, maximum of 1 1/2 year)

The Green Card Process For A Foreign Nurse Living Overseas

VISA ELIGIBILITY: Professional nurses are included as occupations on the Department of Labors Schedule A List as occupations having a known shortage of workers in the U.S.; the USCIS have shortened green card process when compared to the other healthcare workers. The nurse must have either have a license to practice in the state of intended employment, or CGFNS Certificate, or pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

A. USCIS Application: Petition Phase (about 5-8 months)

1. The immigration lawyer file the Immigration Petition with the USCIS.

2. The petition consists of:

- Form I-140, ETA 9089- internal posting of the job vacancy- copy of nursing diploma - copy of nursing license- copy of CGFNS Certificate or NCLEX-RN- Birth Certificate- proof of qualification- proof that the sponsoring healthcare institution can pay the proffered salary

B. National Visa Center - Immigration Visa Processing: Packet 3 (about 3-4 months)

1. After the USCIS approves the I-140 Petition, it sends an Approval Notice to the lawyer and the National Visa Center.

2. If a visa number is available, the NVC (National Visa Center) notifies the lawyer that the foreign worker can proceed with the consulate application, when the immigration visa application fee is paid.

3. The lawyer sends Packet 3 which includes the DS-230 Form Part 1 (Immigration Application Form) for the worker and each family member to complete and sign, and a list of documents to be sent to the National Visa Center by the foreign worker:

- Birth Certificate- Marriage Certificate- NBI Clearance- Biographic section of valid passport

4. Within a few months, the National Visa Center forwards the worker's file to the consulate in the worker's home country for the consular interview.

C. Consulate Interview - Packet 4 (about 3-4 months)

1. At the time of the consular interview, the worker must submit the worker Healthcare certification VisaScreen Certification. The worker must also submit the other required documents such as:

- Medical Examination- Passport Photos- Birth Certificate(s)- Marriage Certificate

2. The sponsoring healthcare institution must provide updated letter of support.

Note: The worker's priority date must be current for an interview to be scheduled and for the visa to be issued
D. Visa Issuance

1. After the Visa is approved, (the Visa is mailed within 5-7 days from the consular interview date) the foreign worker can enter the U.S. and work.

Adjustment of Status Faq & Guide:Who can file an I-485 Adjustment of Status?

Faq From: HLG

Several types of non immigrants may file an I-485. Keep in mind that applicants need to be in valid non immigrant status -- such as F-1, H-1, H-4, TN, B-1/B-2, L-1 and O-1. If the applicant has been out of non immigrant status for fewer than 180 days, the applicant is generally allowed to file an I-485.

These are the most common types of non immigrants who will file I-485s:

1. Anyone who has an approved I-140.

2. Anyone who has an I-140 pending with the USCIS.

3. Anyone who has a Labor Certification that has been certified by the Department of Labor may file a concurrent I-140 and I-485.

4. Anyone who is considering filing an I-140 that does not require Labor Certification from the Department of Labor. Schedule A workers -- Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists -- do not need to obtain the certification and can therefore also file the I-140 and I-485. Multinational Managers/Executives, Persons whose are seeking National Interest Waivers, and Extraordinary Ability foreign nationals also do not need Labor Certifications and may therefore file a concurrent I-140 and I-485.

Adjustment of Status is a petition that can be filed for a foreign - trained nurse to allow him / her obtains a work permit while his / her Immigrant Visa Petition (Green Card) is being processed by the USCIS.
Adjustment of Status can be filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) if the foreign-trained nurse have met the following conditions / requirements:

1. The foreign-trained nurse entered the United States legally (as a Tourist / with a Tourist Visa)

2. At the time of filing the Adjustment Of Status, the nurse is still within the stay of status, or has filed for an extension of stay.

3. The nurse has passed the applicable state NCLEX-RN Licensure exam or possess License by Endorsement.

4. Must have IELTS or TOEFL TWE & TSE and VisaScreen Certificate. If IELTS and / or VisaScreen Certificate(s) is not available, must provide proof of submission to CGFNS / ICHP.

5. The foreign-trained nurse has a continuous stay of ninety (90) Days in the U.S.A. from the date he / she entered the USA prior to filing his / her Adjustment Of Status.

Requirements List:

- Current Resume- NCLEX-RN License / Notice of Passing- IELTS or TOEFL or TOEIC Certificate- VisaScreen Certificate- College Diploma (BSN Degree Only)- College Transcript of Records (BSN Degree Only)- Passport Pictures- Copy of biographic section of passport- I-94 (Entry document, issued at the airport immigration when you entered the US)- I-693 (Medical Examination) - From A Designated Civil Surgeon List- Birth Certificate- FBI Clearance (Fingerprint / screening)

Processing Timeline:

This timeline is only an estimate and not a guarantee. The decisision on the petition and timeline is solely by the USCIS:

1. A combination filing will be filed to the USCIS on behalf of the foreign trained nurse: I-140 or Permanent Resident Petition; I-485 or Adjustment of Status and I-765 or (EAD) Employment Authorization Document.
2. The EAD is issued by the USCIS within (90) ninety days from the USCIS receipt date of the petition.
3. The foreign-trained nurse will apply for his / her Social Security Card immediately after recieving his / her EAD.
4. Social Security Card is issued within 2 weeks of application date by mail.
5. The foreign-trained nurse can obtain the NCLEX-RN License and start working for the Healthcare Institution, if the foreign-trained nurse receives his / her EAD, Social Security Card number and successfully passing the requirements of the Healthcare Institution.
6. A Biometric Or Finger Printing Appointment will be sent to the applicant or applicant's legal representative approximately 2-4 weeks before his / her EAD card is issued.
7. Finger Printing is required by the Department of Homeland Security to perform criminal background check that may preclude the applicant from obtaining a Permanent Resident or Green Card.
8.The appointment letter will direct the applicant to the USCIS Support Center, date and time, where the finger printing is scheduled.
9. It depends on your Healthcare Institution if the will or will not incur the costs of the immigration lawyer's legal services and USCIS filing fees.
10. The nurse applicant will be responsible for his / her dependent(s) immigration lawyer legal services and all applicable USCIS filing fees and all costs related to the Adjustment of Status such as: Passport Pictures, Medical Examination; postage etc.)
11. The Nurse applicant and immigration lawyer will enter into a service contract for processing his / her dependent(s) Adjustment of Status.

VII. Work, take care of your license, love your profession and earn your bucks in the US.
many thanks to all who helped me get all this info
if some of the what's posted in here has been copied or reprinted without permission, pls inform me.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Use black ink only

Height- express in feet and inches

Weight- express in pounds

Eye color:
Black- BLK
Gray- GRY
Blue- BLU
Green- GRN
Brown- BRN
Hazel- HZL

Hair color:
Same as above
and also
Bald- BAL
Blonde- BLN
Red- RED
White- WH
Sandy- SDY

For Filipinos, write ASIAN or ASN

Do not fold your card.

Hope this helps!


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